Monday, August 25, 2014

Research Project Topic Selection

Here are the parameters for your first post. Remember topics should be unique, so be sure to read through the responses before yours both to add to your understand of the project's concept and also to determine if your topic has already been selected.

If you are unable to sufficiently answer these questions, you may have to chose an alternative topic. 

If you're feeling stuck, refer to the project handout for possible topics. Also, Mrs. Binney & Ms. Hancock's classes are working on the same project. Feel free to refer to these teachers' websites & blogs for more inspiration.

1. Briefly summarize your topic. How does it capture the concept of cultural hysteria?

2. In addition to the provided research questions, what questions will you ask when researching this topic?  What else intrigues you about your topic?

3. Describe your research process. Where will you begin? What types of sources will you use? What are the criteria for choosing and evaluating the quality of those sources? If you get stuck, h
ow might you refine or narrow your search for information or sources related to this topic?